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Vicki Herring has been overseeing the healing project and has dedicated herself to educating you about the issues affecting your quality of life. She is on the Radio weekly involved in the training and development of all the highest level of care. Vicki Herring is the Host of God's Pot of Gold she talks weekly on the health of the body. 1010AM Radio Monday at 10AM and 2:30 on 1280AM.


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Family crisis center  whom  house abused children and  to helping there moms.

I had a car accident Sept 15th, 2000, leaving work. I was T-boned and they had to cut me from the car. My skeleton got pretty banged up. My injuries were as follow: 2 slipped disc in neck, ripped rotator cults, 3 damaged disc in lower back, permanent damage in both SI joints, torn and injured foot. I had every kind of physical therapy, finally had the stimulator implanted, it made me worse and I tuned it off. Tried different doctors and finally had the implant removed and another fusion with two rods & nuts, plus another disc fused. It didn't help, in fact it made it worse because the surgeon nicked the 5th nerve. As a result I was destined to be on 2 kinds of pain medications for the rest of my life. I heard Vicki on a Radio station and I don't for sure know why but I asked the Lord for help and I ordered the Product and it helped that day, so much that I have not stopped praising the Lord for the Foot Solution Plus, for foot and body pain. It has helped me get my life back.       Pat Thomas Chandler, AZ  4/04/14   Hear Pat's story on the Radio 1010AM Christian Talk at 10AM Monday.

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